Design Bar, 2016
Exhibition Installation

We were chosen to design the Design Bar at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016. The Design Bar is a cross between an exhibition and a world-class restaurant and highlights the interplay between food and its surroundings.

Under the concept “All the fun of the fair”, we wanted to create an evocative, cozy atmosphere that was miles away from hard wooden chairs and Scandinavian simplicity. “All the fun of the fair” expresses the sense of excitement that a traveling fun fair generates. An opportunity to let your hair down. A readiness to enjoy the moment. And a willingness to embrace new experiences. This phrase set the framework for and gave the name to the Design Bar 2016.

The design for the Design Bar was based on a conscious mix of current trends. With a humorous approach the theme were selected from blogs and Instagram. Central to the project was the collection of 200 casting clamps. Tools that were left over from the construction of a summer house. In the stand they were given new meaning in the form of simple light fittings. Custom-made carpets in stone and wood imitation and thoughtfully designed pieces of terrazzo, such as the waiter station cabinet and the bar top were installed and placed in the Design Bar area.

Location: Stockholm
Status: Completed 2016
Client: Stockholmsmässan AB
Budget: Undisclosed
Photography: Brendan Austin, Åke E:son Lindman, Henrik Nero