Kungsberget, 2019

This project is located in the west-coast city Båstad, on the edge of a prominent ridge that defines the south-west limits of the town. The site is formerly part of a larger property with a fine historic building ‘Hakon House’ and landscaped gardens lying to the immediate north-east of the site.

The characteristics of the site give particularly good views and sun orientation, with the slope perfectly orientated toward afternoon and evening sun and fine views out over Båstad, the Laholm bay and the Kattegat Sea. Three sibling buildings are placed towards the edge of the slope in an arc form which heightens the tension of living on a steep incline but also maximizes the distance between the buildings. Car parking is organized away from views behind the buildings.

The buildings differ only in the configuration of the basement levels. The middle building accommodates a shared spa in the basement, which also orientates toward a terrace and swimming pool. There are two apartments per floor and a larger penthouse apartment with more generous outdoor space. The apartments share similar planning principles of living spaces and spacious balconies orientated toward the views and afternoon sun while bedrooms are generally orientated to the sides or east. Narrower balconies on the lateral facades give qualities to the apartments and also a buffer space to bedrooms that orientate toward neighbours. The apartments are effectively and flexibly planned in order to be attractive for those who want a second home, but at the same time sufficiently generous for those who want to live permanently in Båstad.

The external materiality is inspired by the existing Hakon House – a dark timber board that is traditional and elegant yet at the same time blends itself well to these new buildings. The details such as window colours and railings follow in the same dark monochromatic pallet. The internal colour and material palette is by contrast, light and simple but with fine details and quality in construction and craftsmanship. Neutral kitchens, bathrooms and cabinetry are lifted by products and fixtures in the black exterior colour.

Location: Båstad, Sweden
Status: Completed 2019
Gross area: 2060 square meters
Client: Hakon Park AB / Brf. Kungsberget
Budget: Undisclosed
Photography: Markus Linderoth